Monday, June 30, 2003

Here is how my move went:
  • Three days before the end of the month, my old apartment complex decided to re-do all the parking lots. For several days, I couldn't park anywhere near my building. That made moving stuff out to the car a joy.

  • We left Mike's parents' truck parked overnight, and the apartment complex towed it because it was in a portion of the lot apparently scheduled for re-doing the next day.

  • Due to a mis-communication, I lost one of my birds. I had asked Mike to close a screen door, but he didn't realize that I meant right that moment, and as I was moving some cages around that I'd cleaned, one of my non-tame parakeets got out and bolted right for the open door. I left several caged birds on the balcony all day long, hoping that the one that got out would hear his friends and come back for a visit, but there was no sign of him. Because he is not at all tame, it is not likely that he will go to any humans anywhere, so the likelyhood of ever finding him or getting him back is slim to none. I hope he does okay out there.

  • 520 was closed all weekend. Traffic on I90 was nuts.

  • Mike and his parents were fighting to no end. Often they had long fights just before he was going to run a load, so he'd be much later than I expected. I worried.

  • Mikes' parents' truck broke in the middle of one of the runs, at approximately 11:45 pm the night before I had to be out of the old place. There was still plenty of furniture that hadn't yet been moved - several desks, several chairs, and several shelves. If I still had my old station wagon I could have managed, but this stuff just wouldn't fit in my Taurus sedan.

  • The Redmond U-Haul didn't have any trucks available until the day after I had to be done. Figures; it was end of the month.

  • We did finally get the one last load that mattered on and over on Mike's father's truck, but not before he had hell to pay with his family.

  • Someone knocked over a container of bleach during one of the loading sessions, and there's now a bleach spot on the living room carpet that wasn't there before. The carpet was actually in pretty good shape before that.

  • The office was a bitchy about things getting delayed and there still possibly being one load of boxes left in the apartment during my scheduled walkthrough, so I don't get to be present for the walkthrough. They're just going to do it on their own time now after I'm gone.

  • I was tired, so tired. I took a nap at an inoportune time and Mike got peevy with me.

  • Even now, I'm still not quite done - finishing up the last things here and there. And I haven't even begun sorting out all the stuff at the new place.
Sounds like a great time, huh? It sucked. I think it qualifies as my worst move ever.

In other news, Brian thinks he's quit blogging. Damn him. His blog is one of my favorites, and checking it - especially to find that he's written something new - makes me so happy. Even if it's something completely inane or trivial. Especially when it's sopping with his caustic wit. So anyhow, screw your happiness, too, Brian Paulson. Go then, if you're going to go. We don't care.

...except that we do. And it sucks.

In other other news, Jeremy thinks I swear more these days, at least while blogging. I'm not sure if that's true; maybe I've always sworn more in print. Anyhow, looking back over old entries, I guess I do have a bit of a dirty mouth. I'd apologize, except I don't really feel sorry.

In other other other news, Jeremy is going to be here in Seattle for the next week for Potlatch, this ultimate frisbee thing. I told him he could stay at my place if he wanted, and turns out he's going to. Mike's feeling a little insecure, although I don't think he should be. I'm looking forward to it, though. I miss being better friends with Jeremy and look forward to catching up a bit.