Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Old Kat

We're moving this month, to a smaller place. In the process of trimming down for the move, I've been sorting through boxes of papers ranging the last 15 years.

Just now I found a small sheet of crib notes I must have made for a job interview some time back:
  • growth potential?
  • fast moving or stagnant?
  • how many recent new hires?
  • can people move on if they don't like it, or are they locked in for some time?
  • mobile? immobile?
  • consistent? (~ no growth)
  • how marketable will I be, coming out of your area?
  • how are you on training? will you help me? mentors? how do you help new people get on board?
  • how is your dept for teamwork? do people work together? or alone on separate components (as a "team")?
It was so...thorough. I don't feel like I'm really thorough in that way about anything I do in my life now. What happened to that Kat? When did I become so complacent? When did I stop asking questions?