Friday, January 29, 2010

Car Insurance Turnover

Goodbye, Geico, hello Amica!

Amica's offered rate cuts more than 20% off my premiums that existed before I reported the move to Geico. I'll now be paying 63% of what Geico would have insisted on charging me going forward, for the same coverage. Hooray for shopping around!

Car Insurance Racket

I'm moving this weekend. I'll still be living in Seattle, 6 miles from my current apartment.

For this, Geico is bumping my car insurance premiums by 20%. @#$@#%!!!!

My driving patterns have not changed. My driving record has not changed. I don't even have comprehensive coverage on my main car, just liability. I hardly drive at all; maybe once or twice a week, most weeks, probably somewhere in the ballpark of 1000-2000 miles a year total. This won't change at the new address; if anything, I'll probably drive less. And yet they're going to charge me an extra $40/month! What a racket.

I guess it's time to start shopping insurance. Or to hurry up and sell the Miata. And maybe the Taurus also.

So lame...