Monday, March 14, 2005

I wish that you were
holding me right now, and that you would whisper
nice things
about how maybe I annoy you sometimes
and you like to kick me while I'm down
and enjoy that you have the power to make me cry,
but right this moment you adore me
and are happy
just to be
with me.

And I would fall asleep in your arms,
and love
and be loved,
and be happy.

And maybe in the morning
you would be quick
to jump out
. .of
. . .bed
and be short with me,
kicking me out so you could start the day,
but there would be that short moment,
right before, where I wake up, and you're right there,
and the sun is shining on your skin,
and you have this glow,
and everything in the world seems
and wonderful
and I'm glad to be who I am,
to know you,
to just be.
- Kathryn Krueger, Jan 2005
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Isn't it apt that I am a biter dog?
What kind of dog is Louie? According to the same survey:

USA. The first to foster the Black & Tan in the late 1700's were Simon Kenton and the Poe brothers from the Ohio Valley. Purpose bred to hunt raccoon and opossum, chasing their quarry up a tree and hold it there for hunters. American Coonhounds were developed from Foxhounds, with dashes of French, German, and Irish dogs for specific needs. Similar to a Bloodhound.

A very versitile and hard working dog, which is also obedient, friendly, and intelligent. They will stand their ground with intruders and are usually kennelled out of doors.
Well, he's not really black & tan, but he would love to hunt raccoons.
What kind of dog are you? Here are my results:

Germany. The Pinscher* ("biter" in German) has existed for several
hundred years. Resembling the larger Doberman to which it contributed
its genes, it was officially recognised as a breed in 1879.

Often described as high spirited and self possessed, this is in fact a
good natured, playful dog which is good with children and makes a fine
guard. It is alert, loyal, watchful, and fearless. However, they can
be bull-headed and stubborn and need to know who is boss. For this
reason the German Pinscher is not a good breed for children. They will
bite first and think later.
* In the original description, "Pinscher" was spelled differently each time it was used. I have corrected this in my posting.