Friday, February 20, 2004

The last few nights while I slept, I've dreamt of dancing. Throughout the night I am constantly adjusting my frame to connect better with the mattress, my pillows, anything next to me. I'm pulling my body upwards, making slight and subtle movements in response to strains of music wafting through my consciousness.

This carries through from the dreams into the half-conscious state between waking and dreaming. It all makes sense to me as I initially drift toward consciousness, but then I realize that I've just reached out in a swaying arc to connect with my alarm clock -- who dances with their alarm clock?! Who except me, I guess.

At least I'm not dreaming in C or Scheme these days. Not dreaming of differential equations. That was just too much, too geeky, too much immersion in my studies. I can handle dreaming in dance.

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