Tuesday, March 30, 2004

My officemate and I were talking today about public opinion and how malleable it is. I complained that too many people don't think for themselves. Why, when they watch or read a slanted newscast, can they not think to themselves, "There are some valid points here, but the newscaster seems to have an agenda. I should look more into the issue outside of this one newscast."? I mentioned that I subscribe to both the MoveOn.Org mailing list and to the DFL mailing list, and while I think they bring up many interesting issues, I am aware that they both have agendas and that their bulletins will be slanted as a result of those agendas.

That got me thinking; am I all talk? If I really separate the issues from the agendas, why are the only lists I subscribe to pursuing similar agendas? Why am I not reading bulletins written by organizations with alternate agendas and giving thought to the issues that those organizations bring up, as well?

With that in mind, I went and signed up for the RNC mailing list. Should be interesting.

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