Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Louie's been running away lately. Sneaks out if anyone leaves the door open even a crack, and then we don't see him for hours. One time, a whole day. I stopped home for something in the afternoon, and noticed that:
a) he wasn't there
b) his leash WAS there (meaning none of the dog sitters had taken him)
c) his breakfast was uneaten (meaning he'd probably been gone a while)

I called Chris, but couldn't get ahold of him right away. So I just went back to school and sat around and worried. Came back after school, still no Louie. Finally heard back from Chris, who said that Louie had been around in the morning, but he wasn't sure he had seen him the last time he had been home, roundabouts of 2:00 PM. So I just hung out in my living room with the door open, waiting, for hours, hoping Louie would show up. He didn't.

Finally, I went to bed, with the intention of calling up the humane society and animal control and such in the morning.

When I woke up, however, I found Louie tied up out back.

It is my theory that Rupert, one of the homeless guys in the neighborhood, found him and brought him home in the middle of the night. Nobody else really knows where he belongs to bring him back and tie him up.

Louie has taken off once more since then, and was gone for several hours again. Happily, he is at least tagged and microchipped. We are taking pains to watch the much door more closely these days, though.

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