Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Update on the bed:

No bites last night. Jaimes was home from CO, and he didn't get bitten either.

So, whatever was biting me either:
A. died a terrible death during The Great Cleaning
B. took the hint during The Great Cleaning and migrated elsewhere
C. took the night off

Time will tell.

In other buggy news, while I was reading last night, a very determined moth flew up into the bedroom light fixture and frantically threw himself at the (hot) lightbulbs over and over again. He'd duck out of the fixture entirely, but then dash back in again. As he was doing this, he tossed and bumped about the remains of other bug-creatures that had perished in the same fixture some time ago.

I watched for a short while in awe and horror, until he calmed down and settled a bit into the bug graveyard just beneath the bulbs. Out of pity I then turned off the lights, so the bulbs would cool and he could move on to something else, somewhere else...but I do not believe he ever moved again.

Destitute, hot and disillusioned, the moth gave himself up to death there in my light.

One of these days, I should clean it out. All the dead bugs silhouetted against the bulbs are pretty, in a rather macabre sort of way, but also perhaps a bit garish.

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