Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On Sunday, at the outdoor milonga on the Kirkland waterfront (part of the weekend's tango festival), a large number of the tango women got together to throw a short, impromptu surprise baby shower for me. (30 or 40 women in all? Quite a few.)

Part way through the milonga they all gathered up the hill, lured me up there, and surprised me with gifts of many baby books (they had apparently planned this as a theme ahead of time) and with warm congratulations and support. It was amazing - I'm still feeling emtional about it. They made me feel incredibly warm, happy, and cared for!

I don't know how to go about thanking each of them individually, because I've lost track of who was there, who was not there, who gave what (most of the books they gave didn't have anything attached to mark who had given it)...so I'm left feeling that I was given this great gift by the entire community of tango women as a whole.

If you are one of these tango women, thank you so much. What a gift this is that you gave me - not the books (although they were great, and I am SO excited about them!..I've been happily thumbing through them and reading them to everyone within range for days), but this feeling of belonging and support.

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