Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sticky Fingers

I seriously need a maid or something. I can hardly keep up with my house as it is...I'm not managing to get unpacked at all.

Now there's sugar stuck to everything.

I've got this little thing a friend loaned me. She called it a "sensory station". Basically, it's a little table with raised edges that comes a foot or so off the ground, perfect height for Ravenna, and you put stuff in for her to feel and mess around with.

Somehow I had the bright idea this morning to put sugar in it for her -- which was AWESOME -- until she dumped it everywhere, and got it stuck to her hands, and her clothes, and ran around touching everything.

Now the floor, everywhere, not just at the station, is sticky. And the bed is sticky. And...well...generally, everything, is sticky.

I'm cleaning the sugar out tonight while she sleeps. Tomorrow it will be wood shavings, or oats, or something.

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