Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Times, They are A-Changin'

Tonight is my first night in the new place. It feels...good. I lie in my bed and these large windows surround, and out the windows, trees, trees, nothing else. It's like my little retreat. Only, it is my home.

The energy is so fresh. Nobody has lived in these rooms for a long time. They do not resonate with anyone's energy strongly, they are open to me. To being mine.

Most importantly, for me, right now, there is nothing of Jaimes. I stopped today at the old place to pick some things up (my first time there since I've gotten back to Seattle), and Jaimes was not even there, he is out of town for the weekend, but his energy was resonating so strongly all around the place. Just being in and out, no more than half an hour there, affected me tremendously. It took several hours after I left for my emotions to come to equilibrium again.

I feel more and more strongly that it was right for me to leave, to let him stay, because now i can become more myself again. There is nothing containing me, holding me in.

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Mary said...

I want to see.

It sounds so open and welcoming.