Thursday, October 22, 2009

Princess Mom

Ravenna was chatting with Nuvo on the phone earlier. Following is a short excert from their conversation:

RAVENNA: I'm a princess!
NUVO: A princess, huh. Do you tell people what to do? Princesses do that a lot of the time. They tell people what to do.

<short pause>

RAVENNA: My mom's a princess.


Mary said...

LOL. That is so cute. =)

A few weeks ago as Alex was heading out the door to school he said, "Goodbye Braiden".

Braiden said, "Goodbye Alex."

Alex came back inside, looked at Braiden and said, "I think you can call me Daddy."

Braiden thought about it for a minute and said, "Call me Grandpa."

Little kids are so cute. =)

Susan K. said...