Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Old Kat

We're moving this month, to a smaller place. In the process of trimming down for the move, I've been sorting through boxes of papers ranging the last 15 years.

Just now I found a small sheet of crib notes I must have made for a job interview some time back:
  • growth potential?
  • fast moving or stagnant?
  • how many recent new hires?
  • can people move on if they don't like it, or are they locked in for some time?
  • mobile? immobile?
  • consistent? (~ no growth)
  • how marketable will I be, coming out of your area?
  • how are you on training? will you help me? mentors? how do you help new people get on board?
  • how is your dept for teamwork? do people work together? or alone on separate components (as a "team")?
It was so...thorough. I don't feel like I'm really thorough in that way about anything I do in my life now. What happened to that Kat? When did I become so complacent? When did I stop asking questions?


Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

snarlydwarf? said...

You ended that with a lot of questions for someone who stopped asking questions...

Anonymous said...

Mama, Bring Kathryn out of Kat and get back to serious career. Be a role model for li'l Ms. Ravenna

Kathryn said...

I feel like that last post was left with good intentions, but I find myself feeling a little offended.

Am I not acting as a role model in showing her that time is precious, that loved ones are precious, and that it is important to me to give her my time and attention while she is young, rather than passing her off to others?

Am I not acting as a role model in showing her that careers aren't everything, and there are other things in life that are important too -- family, relationships -- and that life is a balancing act and there is grace and dignity in balancing all of these things?

Am I not acting as a role model in teaching her that we can maintain a high quality of life and be happy even during the periods of time where we have less money than we do when I work as a programmer?

Am I not acting as a role model in empowering myself to become financially self-sufficient while at the same time creating a life situation that attends to some of my other goals as well (i.e. giving my child time, attention, and a great deal of personal care while she is very young)? In showing her how to adapt and survive and to make the most of the opportunities that come up while at the same time being faithful to a strong set of values and ideals?

Am I not acting as a role model in showing her what it is to sacrifice and to act out of love?

Am I not acting as a role model in creating a life for myself in which I am happy?

There are many ways to be a role model. I may not be modeling "climbing the corporate career ladder" for Ravenna right now, but there are many other people in her life that do model this, and there are many other things of value to be modeled. There will also be time aplenty for me to go back to modeling a career for her.

Kathryn said...

Sorry for the soap box. I shouldn't be so touchy. Career is certainly not on the list of things I am modeling for Ravenna right now, and it is an important, valid thing for her to see and be exposed to in order to be able to pursue one, some day, in her own life.

MeriAnne said...

Very well said. I think that last anonymous commenter was sticking there nose where it didn't belong. I think to many people put too much emphasis on having a career, working way to much in order to be able to have the things that they think will make them happy and in the end find themselves lonely and miserable. Money does not equate happiness. Family and relationships are the things that last.

I think it is awesome that you are able to have this time with Ravenna, I hope you treasure every moment of it. Great things come from great sacrifice.

snarlydwarf said...

Sometimes I say such wise things I remember them despite my usual senility.

Somewhere on this blog or maybe it was in an IM (okay, so I am still senile..) you expressed fear about your role as Mom.

My wise saying: as long as you love your child you will do fine.

I stand by that, and your post proves you're doing more than just fine. Jobs pay bills. They're not life.

I hate people who post anonymously or use silly pseudonyms.

Anonymous said...

Extremely sorry my comments offended you. I was trying to emphasis the need for balance of everything in life. Nothing to say that you are not doing anything that you should be doing in modeling a good life for the little one. I was only trying to say having a career is also a part of balance in life we live. As for money it comes and goes... shouldn't worry too much about it. Its like sugar and salt you need some of both, too much of one is not good. You do somethings that make you feel good and you've got to do somethings that may not top the list your liking but are in some ways essential.

Again.. the comment is written with all good intentions nothing to say you are not doing what you are supposed to. It is only out of concern towards the little one and you. If you are offended please let me know I will keep my thoughts to myself.

Always wishing the best in life to the little angel and you..

Anonymous Pseudonymus

Cheer up!

Kathryn said...

Please do feel free to comment. You touched a nerve here and got a bit of a reflex response, but I enjoy getting feedback and thoughts from others, and I could see that what you post is done so with good intentions. I'm glad that you're taking the time to read and respond, whoever you are; thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Am I not acting as a role model in creating a life for myself in which I am happy?"

That is all you had to say. As long as she is provided for that answer should be enough. Now stop wasting time on your soapbox and get to being happy!