Thursday, June 05, 2003

I was just reading Jeremy's blog again.

Happiness - I think much of life is about being happy, as well. But I guess we diverge at some point because I feel that if you get caught up too much in planning, you forget to just be. Just being - it's hard, but its a good place to sit, reflect, and be happy. If you don't have it, you might not even notice, but when you don't have it you're missing out on some real happiness. It's too easy in this life to become so busy that you don't even realize how busy you are, what you're not saving time for, and how that affects your ultimate happiness.

It sounds like he has had a rough time recently. I sympathize with him. He said something that I found interesting: "I remember reading an article a ways back that discussed an odd deficiency of our current school system. Namely, schools don't adequately prepare gifted children to deal well with failure. While other students experience failure as a natural part of school, gifted children generally don't, and hence they don't learn how to deal with faliure." I can definitely see how that would apply to him. I think it applies to me, too. I freak out when I hit failure. It's uncharted, scary territory, and I deal with it worse than almost any other crisis situation. I have this innate belief that I can do anything, be anything, and achieve anything, and when I hit rejection or failure it jars pretty deep against my foundations.

Off to clean and pack for the move...

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