Thursday, June 05, 2003

I wrote this last night, but blogger was being funny and wouldn't let me post it:

6/4/2003, 11:30 PM

Today I finalized plans to move into Capitol Hill! I've been running around looking at apartments all week, and I've finally settled on one. It's a really nice place right in the middle of things, and actually pretty affordable. Great big balcony for the dog, nice kitchen, nice layout, nice space, lots of storage. Alex and Chris pushed me to really push my limits and haggle, so I also get free parking, the first half month for free, and the landlord is not going to do a credit check so I don't have to pay that fee. Yippie! He seems like a nice guy. Yay for buildings owned and maintained by real people, instead of corporations. Should be a nice change. Additionally, it will be SO nice not to have to commute back and forth from the east side to the west side anymore.

Next step - find a job in Seattle proper. Whee.

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