Friday, March 12, 2004

Tonight has not been the best of nights. To start off, there were some really bad vibes at the Russian Center. Chris and Maren were at each other's throats and it really got to me. Not cool. I finally had to just leave -- I didn't even stay for the second class, as I couldn't stand to be in that atmosphere anymore.

I was going to just head up the hill to sit in a coffee shop and read, but Alex was amiable to watching some tango so we did that instead. And it was okay for a while.

Then someone showed up and, upon seeing them, I discovered that I hold a lot of anger toward them right now. Up until now I hadn't been able to be angry -- it's like I liked them too much, or I was afraid, or I didn't feel like I had any right -- but tonight it just consumed me.

Oddly enough, it affected some of my dancing in a positive way. I was able to channel the energy somehow.

Then the dance was over. Walked back to the RC -- I actually enjoyed the walk, being by myself out in the dark -- picked up my car (which I had left there for Steve to borrow), and drove home. Now here I am. Still in a foul mood.

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