Monday, March 14, 2005

I wish that you were
holding me right now, and that you would whisper
nice things
about how maybe I annoy you sometimes
and you like to kick me while I'm down
and enjoy that you have the power to make me cry,
but right this moment you adore me
and are happy
just to be
with me.

And I would fall asleep in your arms,
and love
and be loved,
and be happy.

And maybe in the morning
you would be quick
to jump out
. .of
. . .bed
and be short with me,
kicking me out so you could start the day,
but there would be that short moment,
right before, where I wake up, and you're right there,
and the sun is shining on your skin,
and you have this glow,
and everything in the world seems
and wonderful
and I'm glad to be who I am,
to know you,
to just be.
- Kathryn Krueger, Jan 2005
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