Monday, March 14, 2005

What kind of dog are you? Here are my results:

Germany. The Pinscher* ("biter" in German) has existed for several
hundred years. Resembling the larger Doberman to which it contributed
its genes, it was officially recognised as a breed in 1879.

Often described as high spirited and self possessed, this is in fact a
good natured, playful dog which is good with children and makes a fine
guard. It is alert, loyal, watchful, and fearless. However, they can
be bull-headed and stubborn and need to know who is boss. For this
reason the German Pinscher is not a good breed for children. They will
bite first and think later.
* In the original description, "Pinscher" was spelled differently each time it was used. I have corrected this in my posting.

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