Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kat: but he is kind of crazy.
Adam: ha
Adam: You love crazy.
Kat: I do.
Kat: I love people who are broken.
Adam: You love his kind of crazy.
Adam: Shit
Adam: woman - never tell that to a man.
Adam: You are a strange cat Kat.
Adam: I can read you so well in some ways. Like when you withdraw it is so obvious. But then there are these deep well parts I'm not so good at. Didn't you once tell me you wanted to be pursued?
Kat: I do.
Kat: Sort of.
Kat: Except I don't really have time for it.
Kat: You know?
Kat: I dunno.
Adam: I'm laughing.
Kat: I think maybe I want to be pursued, but don't necessarily want to be with whomever is pursuing me?
Kat: but want to be pursued by them nonetheless
Adam: Ha
Kat: like a cat
Kat: which wants to be let out
Kat: only it doesn't want to be out
Kat: and when it is out, it wants to be let in
Adam: Exactly like a cat.
Kat: except it doesn't really want to be in, either
Kat: it's the letting that it wants

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