Thursday, May 12, 2005

Someone ran into me today. The moment I have a bit of free time, someone runs into me and I spent hours on the phone talking to the insurance company and sorting everything out. I kind of liked it, though. Change of pace. I felt badly for the woman, however; she was a bit shaken up. But neither of us was hurt, and the damage to both cars seems not that bad.

Then I made dinner for the first time in my new kitchen. I have a ghetto stove. It smokes like a mother. The button for the light is broken, so you must screw the lightbulb in and screw it out to turn the light on and off. The timer is so confusing that I gave up and timed it on my own. But I made good chicken. With fresh grated garlic roasted on top. Yum.

The Postal Service hates me. Sometimes they deliver my mail. Other times, they return it to sender as "Undeliverable" with "No Forwarding Address". All the mail addressed the same way. Theoretically, all delivered by the same postman. Except when it's not delivered. Like yesterday. When they returned my passport to the passport authority. Stupid post office.

Two weeks until China...

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