Tuesday, February 16, 2010

United Breaks Guitars

I'm not flying United, I'm flying KLM. Still, would it be unwise to bring my guitar?

It looks like they will probably let me bring it as hand baggage, "provided it fits in the overhead bin". But if they don't... aiee! It is a very nice guitar, and I don't want to trust it to the hold.

Anecdotal stories across the net seem to indicate that most of the time they will allow a guitar as hand baggage, but every once in a while they will force it to be checked. Please, please, KLM, do not force me to check it.

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NeighborChris said...

Reading about it on wikipedia, here's the part I love:

"The Times reported that the belated compensation offer of $3,000 which was donated by the airline to the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz as a "gesture of goodwill" failed to undo the damage done to its image. The journal said the company's share price "plunged by 10 per cent [four days after the song's release], costing shareholders $180 million".

That youtube video about bad service cost United $180 million. For a guitar that was $3,500. I'd like to think that might make them wonder if their policies are really worth it.