Thursday, February 27, 2003

I've been feeling a little light-headed today. Not a good thing. I felt like I might pass out for a moment there when I was out with my dog just now. I'm thinking that maybe it isn't such a good idea for me to be driving into the city for the dance tonight.

I've been cleaning like crazy today and yesterday. I have my air filter out in the living room while I'm working on cleaning in here, sitting right next to the kitchen. It's rectangular shaped; maybe two and a half feet tall, two feet long, and one foot wide. It does make noise, but not all that much; comprable, maybe, to the noise that a box fan might make.

My poor dog is scared shitless of the thing. He's too scared to walk past it into the kitchen to get to his food and water, unless I actively coax him by. The minute I move away from it again, he hightails it back into the living room to hide as far away as he can possibly get. Poor puppy. :(

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