Thursday, February 27, 2003

More on the flourescent rabbit:

Kathryn: did you read the link about the flourescent rabbit?
Jeremy: yep
Jeremy: kinda scary
Kathryn: I think it's scary that he found scientists willing to help with that.
Kathryn: so you're of the view that it's "unethical"?
Jeremy: um.. hard to say
Jeremy: probably
Jeremy: art should not harm other creatures
Jeremy: there's no justification for doing so
What if it isn't really "harmed"? How is harm defined?

If the rabbit lives a full, productive life and dies a normal death, was it really harmed?

How is the creation of this rabbit different from people who breed hybrid parrots - breeds and matchings that wouldn't happen on their own in nature, but are genetically possible and are then engineered in captivity?

I guess, though, that there are ethical arguments against the breeding of hybrid parrots, tigons, ligers, and any other sort of hybrid animals, as well.

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