Monday, March 03, 2003

I just got a copies of the family pictures we had done while I was back in MN this past December. They make me really happy! I wish I had a scanner; I'd scan one in and make you all look at it.

This is the first time my family had all been together in almost a year. It's the first family photo we've had taken in probably six or seven years.

Sadly, with my brother in Kuwait and with me out here in WA low on funds for travelling and all, that Christmas is probably the last time that we'll all be together in the same place for quite a while to come. It sucks, because I really do love my family. I've met all sorts of people out here who come from really disfunctional families and are glad to be apart, but not me. My parents, my sisters, my brother -- good people. I miss them.

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