Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Tonight, I was on top of the world!

Seriously, it's been a great evening. I had an awesome dancing night! I was in a weird mood; really playful. This was the first dance I've had like that where sleep deprivation wasn't somehow involved. I danced with several leads I hadn't danced with for months, and they were all really impressed with my dancing. Idaho Dave said that the dance I had with him was one of his favorites all evening. I had a kick-ass dance with Kevin Buster -- during the dance, I'd do something cool and he'd be like, "YEAH!" and make all sorts of approving noises, and he thanked me for the dance over and over again afterwards. Five thank you's or something over the course of the next half hour. He said it was our best dance ever. Sweet!

Before the dance Alex and I grabbed some Thai food, and we sat and ate it through the first few songs. Just listening to the music, hanging out, eating great food... it was a nice way to start out the evening. And then I was on for almost the entire night. Mike led me in Tango during one of the slower songs, which was cool, but I had a few off dances after that. It's hard to go back and forth. I got my groove back two or three songs later, though, and I think those two or three songs were the only ones that didn't feel absolutely great. And even those few were still good, by my regular standards.

Alex thinks my following has dramatically improved just in the last week or so. Maybe the break I took from dancing was good for me. Hmm. Food for thought.

We all went out to the grill afterwards. It was Tigan's birthday, so even Alex was feeling social enough to hang out for a bit. I had a milkshake, a coffee, and I stole some of Alex's cheesecake. The cheesecake had raspberry sauce dribbled all over it -- yummy! I ended up with a tummy ache -- too much lactose, or the Thai food catching up with me, or something -- but even that didn't bring me down from my dancing high.

I am so happy tonight. Yay.

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