Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Add me to the ranks of people who have been reprimanded by their employer for their blogs.

As a result, the following will occur:
  • Over the course of this week, I will go back and edit or remove all questionable posts that I have written since starting work with my current employer.

  • I will no longer blog from work. Should I find myself stuck waiting for a compile or for a test case to finish timing out, I will find some other productive way in which to spend my time.

  • Going forward, I will make sure that there is no way to identify my employer, the client I am contracting for, or my co-workers from anything I do post. In my writing, so that they cannot be identified, I may refer to my employer as Company_A, to the client I contract for as Company_B, or to various people by assorted nom de plumes. Even then, however, I will be watching my content.

  • At some point in the future, I will implement a secure content-management system. Most posts on the site will remain public. To view all posts, however, you will need to create an account and password and have me grant you certain rights.
Two side notes:
  • If you, dear reader, happened across my blog without my knowledge and were offended by some of what you read, I apologize. The writing here was never meant to hurt anyone. Rather, it was only ever meant to be an outlet in which I could explore my feelings and chronicle my day-to-day-life.

  • About my late officemate -- I realize that I vented terribly about him on this blog. Strangely enough, in outing my negative feelings here I was somehow able to interact more positively with him in person. I believe we actually realized a healthy, happy relationship the last few months of his stay here, and I genuinely miss him now that he is gone.

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