Monday, January 12, 2004

Mr_X1, my new officemate and dev, thinks I should be able to negotiate myself a higher salary because of all the knowledge I've gained about these products I'm working on. Funny.

I've actually been stressing the last few days because I got a cryptic message from my Company_A boss telling me to stop in tomorrow because we "need to talk about some things". In the past she hasn't really pulled me in unless she thought there was a problem, so I am not confident that the meeting tomorrow will lead to good things.

So, anyhow, Mr_X1 thinks it will be okay. I've been helping him ramp up on stuff the last week or two, and I've been helping out the other folks on the team recently as well. I have apparently impressed him quite a bit in the process, and he things will turn out well. If they don't, he's offered to do a rain dance for me. So sweet.

Here's hoping things do go well.

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