Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Outside of the less-than-optimal meeting this morning, today was a good day at work. Made headway with a customer on one issue, helped Mr_X1 troubleshoot several issues in his development environment, and made significant headway on a bug that Mr_X2 and I have been chipping away at the last few weeks. I might even be able to pass that bug off my plate tomorrow and get the fix worked into the project team's next version drop. It's nice to head home at the end of the day and have so many loose ends tied up.

Now I'm back to the cleaning project I've got going full-time in my apartment. Sorting through old clothes, filing away old bills, doing month's worth of accounting, shelf-papering all the drawers and shelves in my kitchen, unpacking boxes that I still haven't gotten to even though I've been living here over half a year, etc... overwhelming, really. Feels like all these ends will never be tied.

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