Sunday, February 09, 2003

I'm feeling kind of down and on edge today.

I don't know what it is. It's probably my brother, in part. I called my folks' house a little while ago and chatted with him a bit, with my sisters, with Amber, his girlfriend. I got all stuck up on all the little details I'd never have thought about on my own; he and Amber went and gave her power of attorney the other day so that she can take care of his affairs while he's away. Mary is taking his car while he's gone.

Anyhow, this call was the last time I'll get to talk with Leroy real-time for a long time. Major bummer. All of my family outside myself gathered together for the day. Laurie's there. Amber's family drove over to Rochester, too - it's the first time their family has really met ours since Amber and Leroy graduated from high school. What an occasion for the families to be meeting up. I wish I weren't so far away, so that I could be there too.

Tiff and I are going to hang out shortly. And Chris A. had surgery on Friday; I've been planning on going to harass him a bit. I saw Steve this morning, which was wonderful, and then saw Alex for a while which was really nice too. Trying to keep busy, trying not to let myself close off and shut down, but I just don't have the stomach for it right now. I'm doing all of this, but really what I'd like to be doing is sitting around alone, moping.

I feel so emotionally heavy. Blah.

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