Monday, February 02, 2004

Roosevelt Auto Body Collision 1 - Super Awesome.

Someone side-swiped my car a while back and I just now got it into the shop to get fixed. I took it to Roosevelt Auto Body, because the other party's insurance was paying and it was one of their preferred shops.

When I took the car in, I asked if they would repair my passenger side mirror as well. I had banged it on a fence a while back, which cracked the casing, and then Mary nicked a dumpster later on, which finished it off. I was prepared to just suck up the cost for that since it had nothing to do with the accident, and it did sound like it might get a little costly. They can't order just new casing -- they have to order an entire mirror, wiring and all, which runs about $170. They could try getting a used part, but junkers like to sell off doors as a complete piece so they're unlikely to sell just the mirror casing.

So, anyhow, Roosevelt Auto Body finished work on my car today. I went to pick it up, expecting that I'd be paying about $170 out of pocket.

Not so!

They fixed the mirror for me! Bonded all the pieces back together, painted it... FOR FREE.

They did a great job fixing everything else, as well. And everything else was covered by the insurance. And they cleaned my car on top of that!

Sweet, sweet, sweet. I am in love with my auto shop.

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