Thursday, February 05, 2004

When I was a teenager, I drove everywhere with the windows down. Even in the dead of winter, in sub-zero temperatures. I loved the feeling of the wind whipping through the car, cooling my cheeks. It made me feel free.

A few years ago, I drove with the windows down because I was a smoker and I hated the smell. I was most compelled to smoke whilst stuck in traffic but couldn't shut myself up with the stinky, nasty cigarette, so I held it out the window whenever I wasn't taking a puff.

Now I don't smoke anymore. But at some point, I also stopped driving with the windows down.

Today, I drove to work. I rolled the windows down. I turned the music up. It felt so good!

I think sometimes that parts of my spirit have died over the years. Or, more aptly, have fallen dormant. So much of the time, I'm plugging away and doing my thing but... somehow, it's not really living.

Today, driving into work, the sun shining in my eyes, the mountains bright and clear and calling to me, the wind whipping through the car, I felt as if some part of me that had been long sleeping was just now waking up.

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