Monday, March 22, 2004

I made a new friend in DC. I have not known Mark for long, but already I consider him to be a kindred spirit. We approach things in similar ways. He and I are both drawn to dance for the as a means of connecting with people. For three minutes of song, you can be one with someone else. There is nothing but you, they, and the music, the two of you united through music, movement, touch, the experience.

For much the same reason, Mark and I were both members of gospel choirs in college. To sing in unison, your voice finding a place amongst the multitude of voices singing with so much feeling -- thrilling.

We each enjoyed Homer & Christina's performance because of the way they looked at each other, the way he cared for her, the depth of feeling evident in their every interaction.

I have never put as much time into guitar as I would like. This is not because I lack energy or desire, but because the learning is a solitary pastime and I am drawn away to more social endeavors that offer a promise of connection with others. Mark has found the same when he has studied instruments.

It turns out, at least according to Meyers-Briggs, that we have almost identical personality types. Makes me wonder what the personality types of my other close friends are, and also causes me to wonder if I could see eye to eye this easily with others who share my type.

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