Monday, March 22, 2004

My second plane was delayed by two hours today. To pass the time, I sat down near my gate, in a patch of sunshine, with my sketchbook.

Note -- it is difficult to discreetly draw the people around you when you attract a crowd of noisy children.

The kids barraged me with questions and incessant chatter. Who is that? Can you draw that person? Are you an artist? Can you draw my shoe? Do they keep your pictures in museums? Your pictures should be in museums.

I drew their shoes, and somehow they were endlessly amused. Then they asked me to draw the picture off of a RPG card one kid had with him, and I did.

"Can he keep it?" one asked.

"You have to give her something!" another responded. "She won't give it to you unless you give her something."

"I...uh...will. I'll give her the card," the kid said resignedly, fully prepared to make this great sacrifice.

"You will?!" asked the first.

"Hey, I wanted it!"

"I have two," said the kid.

"You're giving it to her?!"

"I mean," he said hopefully, "only if she wants it."

They all looked expectantly at me, as I continued sketching.

"Do you want it?"

I politely declined and the kid sighed with relief.

When our plane finally started boarding, I gave the kids all the pictures I had drawn of their things, and they hopped around in jubilation. You would have thought it Christmas and I Santa, to see them so.

The sketches were actually pretty good. I missed them a little bit when giving them away -- silly of me. There will be more sketches.

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