Monday, March 22, 2004

Life is so much nicer when I decide not to let myself stress about things. Today on my way to the airport, I got stuck in traffic. Dead stand still on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. I was so close to the airport, yet so far away. 15 miles away with easily 40 minutes before I needed to think about checking in, but irrelevant because we weren't moving. 15 miles away with 30 minutes left. 13 with 20. 12 with 10. 11 miles left and I should have been checking in.

I won't lie -- I felt a compulsion to let myself be overcome with stress. What if I missed my flight? Would they charge a fee to change my ticket? Could I afford it? What about my ride from the Seattle airport? Etc, etc.

I made a conscious choice to let it all go. Breathed deeply. Rolled the windows down, turned the music up. Channeled a message to my core that whatever happened, it would be alright. I "gave it up to God" as my family would say, or left it to fate, if you prefer a less secular line of thought. And with that simple message I was able to feel good, to appreciate the sunshine, the music, the nippy breeze blowing through the car and chilling my cheeks, contrasted by a gentle flow of warmth from the car ventilation system. I must have looked funny from the outside, dancing in my seat and having a time.

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