Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Girls and young women are more easily addicted to drugs and alcohol, have different reasons than boys for abusing substances and may need single-sex treatment programs to beat back their addictions, according to a study released Wednesday.

While boys often experiment with cigarettes, alcohol and drugs in a search for thrills or heightened social status, girls are motivated by a desire to reduce stress or alleviate depression, the study found.

Girls are also more likely to abuse substances if they reached puberty early, had eating disorders or were ever physically or sexually abused, researchers said.

- CBS News, Girls Get Addicted Quickly

Interesting stuff, that.

Google News has a cluster of articles posted on that right now. (I love Google News, by the way. Great resource.) Anyhow, it certainly strikes a chord with me, with the problems I've had, and with the driving motivations behind those problems. They're looking into making more effective treatment programs aimed specifically at females now. Good for them.

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