Friday, February 07, 2003

Harry, one of my "non-dance friends" randomly showed up at the Russian Center last night. He's performing in A Chorus Line right now, and apparently one of the cast members swing dances and dragged some of the rest of them out after the show.

It's silly, but it threw me for a mental loop. I'd been having an awesome dance night, and all of a sudden I was tripping all over myself because here was this acquaintance, in this place I wasn't used to seeing him, watching me. I didn't freeze up as badly as I did at the SONW level challenge (bah!), but it was still pretty silly how mentally thrown I was.

I did get back into my groove. I had an awesome, awesome dance with cute-Michael. He was throwing me around a bit, lots of dips thrown in at breaks in the song, and everything was just clicking. One of Harry's friends thought that cute-Michael and I had to have been partners for a while to be dancing like that. Hee hee.

It really was the best dancing night I've had in weeks, though. I love nights like that, where you just get into it and everything starts working, where I get into a groove enough that I can follow just about anyone and anything. Crazy fun.

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