Saturday, February 08, 2003

Loneliness and depression suck.

I went out to dinner and then to The Producers with Mike, Jared, and Tiffany tonight. They've been going out to shows at The Paramount for a while now, the three of them and Tim, but Tim's gone down south somewhere to stay with an ex-boyfriend who is dying of aids. Sad for Tim. Sigh. Anyhow, they didn't want Tim's ticket to go to waste, so they gave it to me.

We had a really nice time. I miss seeing Broadway shows. I miss musical theatre. It was a really nice evening.

I wasn't floored by the two leads in the show - they were good, but not great. But wow, some of the supporting cast was amazing! The man who played Carmen Ghia kicked ass, and the woman who played Ulla was awesome, as well. During the stage bows at the end, Mike, Jared, Tiff and I all stood up to applaud them when they took their bows. Maybe 10-20 people in the audience did the same. Everyone else waited until the two leads took their bows to stand. I don't get it. Seattlites. Give credit where it's due, already.

We went out to Dilettante Chocolates for desert after the show. Really yummy, but oh, so rich.

The company was really nice this evening. Mike and Jared are so good together; I don't know many couples who fit as well as they do. And I adore Tiffany; I've really missed hanging out with her. I've just been too busy with dance, and then she was off on her cruise, and then I was busy with dance... anyhow, she and I are going to hang out again on Sunday. The Century's having live music Sunday night, which means the dance will be more expensive. I don't know anything about the band, so it could go either way -- good or bad. I figure instead of spending the extra money and gambling on the night of dancing, I'll just take Sunday off and make it into Tiffany-time. It should be good. I'm excited.

I guess it's good that I signed up for the Denver Exchange when I did; they closed out registration the next day.

So I called Mike when I got home. He didn't answer and wasn't around online so I resigned myself to not talking to him tonight, but he called back a few minutes later. Yay! I was so happy. It's been a while since we really talked. His phone was dying and he was pretty tired, though, so we didn't get to talk long. Bummer. There's always tomorrow, I guess.

The sun'll come out, tomorrow;
bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun.
Just thinking about tomorrow
clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow
'til there's none -
Tomorrow, tomorrow,
I'll love ya, tomorrow -
you're only a day away.

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