Wednesday, February 05, 2003

I consume raw egg.

I feel guilty about consuming raw egg.

I'm consuming it right now, eating leftover sukiyaki heated into a soup base, dipping the noodles and meat in scrambled raw egg. (Fresh sukiyaki is also dipped in raw egg, at least the way Jon taught me to cook it.)

[02-05-2003/15:04] Nettika: It makes me feel guilty, though.
[02-05-2003/15:05] Nettika: Eating raw egg.
[02-05-2003/15:05] Icktharus: why?
[02-05-2003/15:05] Nettika: "raw egg is bad for you".
[02-05-2003/15:05] Icktharus: not really.
[02-05-2003/15:05] Nettika: my father would be aghast, and would lecture me on the dangers of salmonella.
[02-05-2003/15:05] Icktharus: unless you're pregnant.
[02-05-2003/15:05] Icktharus: salmonella isn't that dangerous unless you have a weakened immune system.
[02-05-2003/15:05] Nettika: hmm.
[02-05-2003/15:05] Icktharus: but caeser salad, fried egg, mayonnaise, that kind of thing all has raw egg in it.
I like Alex. He makes me feel better. Yay for Alex.

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