Friday, January 23, 2004

Being hurt is no fun. I hope my leg will feel better in the morning.

It turns out that I hurt one or more of the muscles in my right leg that help me balance and stabilize when my weight is on the other leg. So actually, even though the hurt is on the right side, it hurts most when I am using my left leg. And especially when I am running, jumping, spinning -- walking, even at a brisk pace, does not hurt.

The Lindy music tonight was awesome, and there was so much energy in the room. It made me want to dance! But dancing hurt. I danced a bit, despite that. It's so hard, being in an environment with music that speaks to you, partners you're crazy about, and great energy in the room, and having to sit out. I am not good at sitting out in those circumstances.

Tango didn't hurt. But the music didn't speak to me, and there wasn't really anyone I wanted to dance with. I met a man named Peyverv or something like that -- very friendly. He was quite nice, but our dances were awkward and physically uncomfortable, despite dancing a good number of them. Perhaps we will connect better with time.

So, anyhow, I'm glad I stopped over at the Russian Center. I could have done without the Tango dance, maybe, but I'm sure it was somehow good for me.

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