Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Today I'm issuing myself a challenge: keep good posture all the day long.

I figure if I can start maintaining good posture at work, at home, when active, when in repose, I will have easier time of maintaining good posture while dancing. Anything to be a better dancer!

These are my initial starter rules:
  • Stand up on my own weight. Don't be leaning against every damn wall I come across!

  • It is not necessary to slouch down into the bus seat like a Popple trying to turn inside out.

  • Do not lock my joints, especially my knees and hips. Use muscle mass to hold my body weight.

  • Give up the whole crossing-the-legs thing for a bit. When I cross my legs, it twists my spine up and all my posture goes to pot. This may not be the way it has to work, but it's the way I do it right now. So for now, I'm giving it up, cold turkey.

  • Think about breathing. Breathe in deeply. Use my diaphragm. Breathe in - stomach expands, breathe out - stomach deflates.

  • Don't slouch, don't slouch, don't slouch! It is possible to sit up with good posture, even when reading my book. Crazy, but true.
I don't think I can remember a day where I maintained posture all day long. I'm a slouch-a-holic. But today, it all changes; it's the start of a new era in Kathydom.

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