Sunday, January 18, 2004

Spent the last 20 minutes or so making plans to get the brunch crew together.

For the last several months, I and most of my better friends have made a tradition out of Sunday brunches. We get together either Sunday morning or early afternoon and all head out to eat and hang together. These folk are almost like my family. It's so great to have a moment in time every week that I get to look forward to time spent with them. I feel more connected, more rooted. Happy.

Several people are out of town today so it will be a smaller crew than normal. Should still be good, though.

Usually I do most of the calling around on Sundays, but today those who are coming all called me. That was nice! I love when other people show initiative like that. It's silly, but their taking the time to do something as small as calling me makes me feel so appreciated and cared for. Ironically enough, I'm terrible at showing that sort of initiative myself. Outside of this Sunday morning gig, I have a hard time calling friends and setting things up. I'm working on that and I've gotten better, but it's still a real weak point for me.

Off to get ready.

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