Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Everything's crazy outside.

I decided to take the bus home from work and leave my car in the parking garage. It was just as well -- Denny Way, the street that leads up to the hill I live on, was closed because of the snow. I would have had quite a time getting my car back to my apartment building.

As I was hiking up the hill, I passed an accident involving a city bus, a truck, and I'm not sure what else. The medics were still there trying to clean everything up.

A little further up the hill, more medics were working with someone lying against a streetpole. I'm not sure if they had slipped and fallen, or what. Anyhow, the person had a neck brace on, and the medics were trying to get them onto a stretcher and figure out how to safely move them. The ground was steep and slippery, providing them quite a challenge.

At the top of the hill was another accident, involving at least three cars. No medics there, but there were police.

And all over the hill were people sledding down, right in the middle of the street, on sleds, trays, and even on a futon mattress.


Seemed strangely appropriate. All the chaos outside. And then inside me is chaos, as well -- my emotions tonight have been up and down and all over the wall.

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