Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Snow in Seattle wouldn't be as bad if they would plow the streets or shovel the sidewalks. We shouldn't have to wait for it to melt off!

The whole "closing streets" thing is sort of crazy. Closing a street because it has snow and is on an incline, instead of plowing it? And the people who drive on those streets despite the closing are crazy, too. And then there are the street lights, half of which they have set to a blinking red. It's all one big safety hazard.

I'm glad I did not drive today. Walking in the city, especially coming down from Capitol Hill on the wet, snowy sidewalks with cars careening everywhere on the street beside me, is scary enough. I'd have to be mad to drive there right now.

Hopefully the snow, slush, and remaining ice will melt away while I'm at work today, since there seem to be no indications that they'll plow it away any time soon.

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